China Visa Information

Steps to obtain your China visa in Hong Kong

  1. Submit your request & make an appointment.
  2. Bring your documents and payment of fees (cash only) to our Causeway Bay office (Unit A, 4/F, McDonald’s Building, 48 Yee Wo Street, HK)
  3. Collect your passport and visa in the following day(s)

Processing Times

  • Regular service: 4 working days.
  • Express service: 3 working days.
  • Urgent service: 2 working days.

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Time

  • 4-day service: Submit before 1:00pm, pickup 3:00pm – 7:00pm on the 4th working day.
  • 3-day service: Submit before 1:00pm, pickup 3:00pm – 7:00pm on the 3rd working day.
  • 2-day service: Submit before 10:30am, pickup 5:00pm – 7:00pm next working day. Urgent 2-day service has very limited quota everyday and is strictly by appointment only.)

Office hours: Monday to Friday 10:00AM-7PM

Submit your request & make an appointment.

We are conveniently located in Causeway Bay, one minute away from MTR Exit E.

Unit A, 4/F, Mcdonald’s Building, 48 Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay, HK

銅鑼灣怡和街48號麥當勞大廈4樓A室, (銅鑼灣 MTR E出口)

Visa Requirements

Allowable Stay
  • Each entry into mainland China has a 30 day maximum stay limitation. You must exit and re-enter China if you wish to stay longer.


  • Single Entry: 3 months
  • Double Entry: 6 months
  • Multiple Entry: 6 or 12 months (with any China visa before.)

Special Exceptions:

  • USA and Israel: 10 Years visa eligible (not guaranteed)
  • Canada: 9 Years visa eligible (not guaranteed)
  • Turkey, Syria passports cannot obtain China visa in Hong Kong

Required documents

  • China Visa application completed in FULL
  • Valid Passport (with 6+ months validity and at least 2 blank pages remaining)
  • Passport photo requirements (Passport photo taking at our office for HK$50)
  • Original HKID or HK landing slip
  • Previous expired passport (if your latest China visa is in it)
  • For minors under 18, birth certificate and both parent’s passport copy
  • For tourist L visa, transportation and hotel bookings with EVERY applicant’s FULL name on them. If in Guangdong province, only hotel booking is needed. *We can help handle it for HK$100 if you don’t have it prepared.*
  • For business M visa, invitation letter and business registration from the inviting company
  • For work Z visa, work permit issued by the SAFEA (State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs)
  • For student X1/X2 visa, JW202 form and admission letter from the university


Submit your request & make an appointment.

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